Friday 10 August 2012

Building a New Habit: Day 6

Schmidt and CeCe from New Girl
celebrating my successful week!
Woohoo!! I hit 965 words in the last session.  I'm very, very happy with that and I got through the hard part - the kiss!  Now I just need to tie this scene up, clean up the rough edges, and send it onto my crit partners.  Yay!!

My new habit is designed for weekdays only.  I alwasys feel a lot of pressure to write every day, but I also know I need some breaks, so I've decided to give myself weekends off.  And since I was pretty good at writing this week - not great, but good - I'm going to count this week as a success!!

Thanks for all the 'pump-me-up' messages.  Looking forward to enjoying my wine tonight!  See you Monday!

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