Monday 18 June 2012

Writer Stuff: Making Mischievous Happen

Zooey Deschanel and Liz Meriwether.  Probably
laughing at the fact that I'm not published ...

New Girl is without question my favourite new show this year.  It has all kinds of funny, great setups, tons of romantic tension, and ... Schmidt!!   What's not to like!!??!!

Liz Meriwether, who writes the show for Fox, says that she often writes when she's feeling mischievous.  I think my best writing happens when I'm in that kind of state, but sadly, it's a little hard to feel "mischievous" at 5:30am when I'm trying to cram in writing before the day-job starts and I can barely put instant oatmeal together, let alone write complete sentences.

So once in awhile I need to Make the Mischievous Happen.  This is easier said that done, but when I need some inspiration, I almost always turn to my hero.  And he, like a good hero that he is, always reminds me why I love to write.

Current inspiration?  Aaron Eckhart.
You're welcome.
I collect photos of him (always an actor - easier to mimic them in my books I find if they're living, breathing things ... with a good set of abs, of course) and peruse the photos when the time is necessary.  I've done collaging, Microsoft Movie Maker, and am currently setting up a Pinterest account.  I'm not sure I need all three mediums in order to gain inspiration to write ... but unlike fashion, finding inspiration should not be relegated to the 'Less is More' category.  When you need help writing, it's definitely 'More is More'.

How do you re-inspire yourself when you're stuck?    Have you tried collaging?  Movie Maker?  Pinterest?

Friday 15 June 2012

Books I'm Reading: Staying at Daisy's

I've been a big Jill Mansell fan for the last two years or so. Walked into a bookstore without knowing what I wanted and bought "Rumour Has It" on impulse.  Gulped it down in a day ... been a fan ever since.

She writes about women in small town settings and there are usually a couple different love stories in play.  She always makes someone who should be a villain into a real person who you end up liking in the end.  And it's always a fun read.  Always.

Right now I'm reading "Staying at Daisy's" ... it's an older one that I hadn't read before and downloaded it last week since I was going to be on a plane.  Hoped to do some work on that flight, but mostly read the book. :)

I know chick lit is supposed to be dead ... but I'm dragging it around like the corpse on Weekend at Bernie's ... not sure I'll ever give it up!!