Friday 28 September 2012

Top 5 Most Anticipated TV Shows

The short-lived Smith.  Jonny Lee Miller
AND Simon Baker?  I can see why
that wouldn't work ... groan ..

I'm a huge TV fan, and September is always my favourite time of the year.  New shows!!  New shows that will probably be cancelled in a few weeks .. but new shows!

I actually stopped watching TV the last few years since the networks were so quick to cancel them.  I didn't want to get too invested only to have my hopes for greatness dashed (Smith, anyone???).  Unfortunately, by not watching  new shows, all it did was make me rewatch past favourites in order to get my fix.  So this year I bought a DVR and have decided to give a lot of new shows a chance. 

He's like the Channing Tatum
of crime-fighters ... and those scars\
are all kinds of sexy ...

Although it's still a little early to figure out which ones are going to be great, and which ones are going to be this year's "Whitney" ... I'm at least excited about them!  I missed that ...

#5  The Last Resort
Scott Speedman is a fave, but a show on a submarine/island seems like a tough sell.  Word on the street is the first episode is of Lost-like quality though, so I'll give this one a chance.  But he'd better be shirtless in a vampire coven at some point ...

#4 The Mindy Project
Is it wrong to fantasize about his socks?
My crush is getting Creepytown isn't it ...
I'm so-so on Mindy Kaling, but love the Bridget Jones' Diary in America kind of concept.  First episode was okay ... loved her drunk on a bike yelling "I'm Sandra Bullock" ... but I'll wait to see how it pans out.  I remember I didn't like the first episode of New Girl, and look how that turned out ...

#3 Arrow
Just started watching the Vampire Diaries last year and kicked myself for missing it when it originally aired. Do you know how many months I was unaware of The Damon?  Too many ... Not going to make that mistake with the CW this time.  And this guy has serious Damon potential.

#2 Ben and Kate
I had no desire to see this show until I saw the trailer last week, and then was hooked!!   And Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's daughter) can actually act!!  It's one of those shows you're either going to love or you're going to hate .. and I loved it! 

#1 Elementary
Jonny Lee Miller.  That's all I need to say.  I don't care if this is the worst show on TV ... I'm in no matter what.  But please don't let it suck.

What new shows are you  planning on watching this year?

Friday Check In

Well, I said I would check-in regularly and this week was pretty disappointing ... but now that I have to own it publicly hopefully that will make next week a little more productive.  I only wrote Tuesday night and only 357 words.  That's not awesome.

But onto next week!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Building a Habit ... The Redux

Hopping back on the bandwagon ... but will
resist asking Amanda Bynes for any
driving tips.
Okay, so about a month ago I said I was building a new habit.  And then managed it for about 7 days and then stopped reporting on it altogether.

What happened?

I could blame it on the new television schedule but since I've got my new, shiny DVR taping all my soon-to-be favourite shows, this would be an all-out lie (side note - have decided Elementary will be my favourite new show - Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes??  Drooling as I type this ...)

The truth?  I stopped spending time on the habit ... and even worse ... started to hide away when I realized I wasn't keeping on track.    If I don't report on my failures then they can't be failures, right???

As someone who's a Project Manager in real life, I can tell you that the absolute worst thing you can do when stuff is falling off the track is stop reporting on it.  Once you stop keeping track of how you're doing, it's very easy to ignore the problem indefinitely.   Even if you have to report fail after fail after fail, it's better than not showing up at all ... and as I've seen on most of my projects, once the failures start adding up it often spurs you into action!

So, I 'm jumping back into it and will vow to report on my progress ... no matter how terrible.  No one said this writing stuff would be easy ....