Thursday 2 August 2012

Building a New Habit: Day 1

I remember the days when blogging used to be used as an online journal.   I haven't used it as a journal in a long time - now I just use it to write fun posts like what movie I want to see (I don't know why, but Total Recall is grabbing me), or what guy I think is hot (um, okay, Colin Farrell).

My shiny kitchen sink.
I haven't used it as an online journal in a very long time.

But I have to make some changes since I haven't been writing a lot these days.  And true confession:  I've never successfully made writing a habit that sticks.  Regularly.  I know I shouldn't say this out loud - I mean an agent or editor might read this and pass me over, right?  But I have got to find a way to make writing a regular habit - where I write consistently day after day after day.  And maybe even, gasp! - look forward to it!

I recently read Sink Reflections, which is also a habit changing book - albeit about housework.  I have a fairly clean house, but I've never been great at keeping it that way day-to-day.  I'm usually a 'clean it all up on the weekend, and watch it get messy through the week' kind of girl.

The first thing the author of Sink Reflections tells you to do is clean your sink.  Nothing else, just the sink.  She swears it works! So, I spent about an hour cleaning it up, and you know what?  It's actually made a difference.   I stick to her "clutter hotspots" rule, where every night I clean up the places that attract clutter.  It only takes about 10 minutes a night, and my house has been clean consistently for about a month.

If I can change my housework patterns, I'm sure I can change my writing patterns.   Which is what I'm trying to do today.

For the next 2 weeks I'm going to blog every day, at approximately the same time, and then I'm going to go write.  Worst case, it doesn't work ... but I'm going to try to be optimistic.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Huzzah! More posts to look forward to! And you've managed to inspire me to go clean my kitchen sink. My family thanks you.

  2. Yay! Thanks Terri. Now you can take pics of yours too!Maybe we'll just blog about sinks for awhile .. :)

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  4. I have kind of the opposite problem. I find housework a great way to avoid writing! Sit down to write, and suddenly--Hey, the sink needs cleaning! Better do that first. But I think you are right that it's all about establishing a habit. I read somewhere that if you can get yourself to do something daily for a month, you'll have yourself a new habit.

    1. I agree on finding other things to do but write ... and housework is a definite pull! Another one is Damages on Netflix ... :) Thanks Laine!!

  5. Nikki, I subscribed to the Sink Reflections email loop - Fly Ladies or Fly Babies? something like that.

    Overwhelmed and panicked by all the emails. I was behind (oops they tell you you're never behind)by day 2. Had to get off the loop before I ran from the house screaming with only my duster for cover.