Friday 21 December 2012

RAOK - #2

Random Act of Kindness - #2

Continuing my pledge to complete 28 random acts of kindness for Newtown victims, I  completed act # 2 yesterday.

I participated in a "Secret Santa" activity with my co-workers, but when I drove into work I forgot my Secret Santa gift at home.  So I went to Wal-Mart and purchased another gift (flash drive ... I work with IT geeks ... it was a big hit). :)

But then I had my original Secret Santa gift at home.  It was Coconut body butter from the Body Shop (my department is 50% women ... Go Estrogen!).   I thought about keeping the Body Butter, but then I realized I could regift it to someone who could use a pick-me-up.

I gave it to our receptionist Amy who is always cheerful and helpful.  I even signed "28 Random Acts of Kindess for Newtown" at the bottom this time (although left my name off of it) so I could spread the word.

Now to think of item #3 ...

Wednesday 19 December 2012

28 Random Acts of Kindness

I read about Ann Curry's challenge to perform some random acts of kindness as a way of honouring the lives lost in Newton last week and I thought it was an amazing idea.   Of course, we shouldn't need a tragedy to remind us to be nice to one another on Planet Earth ... it is common sense after all.  But it seems like every once in awhile you need to be reminded to focus on it.

I'm going to try to document my random acts in my blog ... emphasis on 'try'.  I'm also going to try to ensure my random acts don't cost me $$.  Not because I'm averse to paying for things .... but I think it's far more interesting to try to do it without just plunking down money.   Of course, if you want your random act to involve paying for something for me, I am all good.

Random Act #1 - I wrote a thank you note to a co-worker who organized a Christmas toy drive.  I also made it anonymous so he wouldn't know it's me who wrote it.

Now to think of the next random act ...