Friday 3 August 2012

Building a New Habit: Day 2

My writing partner.  She doesn't contribute many good ideas but she
does like to take breaks to look up old boyfriends on Facebook.
(Photo by Davide Restivo)
Okay, Day 1 was HARD!  As soon as I wrote my blog post I pretty much convinced myself that I'd done enough work for one day and then shut down my Microsoft Word and started to check out movie trailers on IMDB (thank God Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes so many movies - my perfect Beta dream man ...).

It took a lot of "inner goddess" to convince me to actually write (sorry, couldn't help the 50 Shades reference since everyone seems to hate E.L. James, while I think "good for her ... she's writing what she likes and she's selling!").  And I DID write.  At first I just skimmed over the last 5 pages I wrote a few weeks ago, mumbled the words "wow, that sucks!" out loud, and then reminded myself that everyone thinks their writing sucks and convinced myself to keep my committment.

And I'm glad I did - I walked away feeling great that I tackled some pages, edited some old ones and even did scene caps for tonight ... which I'm about to use in a few short minutes.

So Day 1 was successful and with a glass of wine in my hand I have no doubt that Day 2 will be as well.

Habit officially begun!!!


  1. Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard seems to be the hardest thing to master for a lot of writers, myself included, especially when there are so many other things to do like clean the kitchen sink, comment on other people's blogs, etc. So, I'm trying to get into the habit of just taking my laptop with me wherever I go. It's amazing how much writing I get done while my kids are having their braces adjusted. I'm also finding that I don't need massive chunks of time to write. As long as I check in with my manuscript several times a day, we're good. Keep going, Nikki!

    1. Thanks Terri!!! I have a broken laptop so I'm going to need to get that fixed ... I can see how much of a difference it makes!!

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  3. I was a little suspicious of progress being made when I saw the pic! But glad to hear you did some writing. I think sometimes we think if we aren't writing thousands of words a day, it's not worth it. But if we just wrote a couple of pages each day consistently we would get to the finish line before we knew it. (kind of like a exercise)