Thursday 24 May 2012

Movies I Can't Wait To See - Safety Not Guaranteed

Watching upcoming movie trailers on IMDB is a huge timesuck, but every once in awhile a trailer shows up and I'm stuck wondering "what am I going to busy myself with while waiting for this to come out!!??!!"

Case in point ... SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. 

Fun fact - apparently this classified ad actually appeared in a newspaper.  The guy at that newspaper must see some crazy-ass stuff!

First off, it has Jake Johnson (slacker sexy), who I'm a HUGE fan of now that I'm addicted to New Girl on Tuesday nights.  Secondly, it's a romantic comedy.  I will watch just about anything that's a romantic comedy (I've seen Cutting Edge 2 and 3 ... seriously, I'm not picky).

So now I will watch this trailer about 8 gazillion times and hope that it opens in Halifax, because if I have to wait for this thing to come out on DVD it's gonna kill me!

(Please note:  If you know of any activities that I can pass the time with between now and June 8, please send immediately)

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