Thursday 24 May 2012

Shag of the Week - Channing Tatum

Do you think this spray-tan
 makes me look fat?
I'll admit that I'm normally the kind of girl who goes for the "beta" guy.  You know, Jason Bateman, James McAvoy, Paul Bettany ... not likely to be in a movie where they're running around killing people, but certainly the kind of guy you want to have by your side if you're picking out a new couch for your living room while bantering with you about your love of faux-suede.
But once in awhile I get a little craving for an "alpha" ... and Channing Tatum, in all his shirtless glory, often has to be called up from the farm team to fill that void.  I remember first seeing him in "Step Up" and thinking he was charming ... but as the movie roles piled up (She's The Man, Dear John, The Vow) I realized the wardrobe department must have to get their "men's tanks" through some kind of wholesale discount - cuz there's a lot of 'em.

Is it me or am I ROCKIN' this tie clip ...

My three favourite Channing Tatum movies are The Vow, 21 Jump Street and She's The Man.   But I'm waiting anxiously for the release of Magic Mike to see if it makes a dent in my top three.  And who knows?  Maybe the tearaway pant will be his new "go to" wardrobe staple.  

A girl can dream ...

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