Tuesday 9 April 2013

Cage Match: Chris Evans vs. Chris Pine

Let me demonstrate the concept of
"perfect scruff"
No, let ME demonstrate the
concept of "perfect scruff"

I spend a considerable amount of time "researching" heroes.  Too much, some might say, but I feel if you're dedicated to this thing we call 'writing' then you need to show you're serious.

I am so serious about it that I know the difference between Chris Pine and Chris Evans. Trouble is, which one do I like better?

Chris Evans 

(Captain America, The Avengers,What's Your Number?, Cellular)

What do you think?  Too underdressed?
Should I put on a tie?
1) If you haven't seen Cellular (thriller with Kim Basinger), then you need to watch it.  It was the first movie I'd seen with Chris Evans, and he really held the movie together - which is a big deal when you're a newbie actor.

2) He looks good shirtless.  Correction.  He looks amazing shirtless.

3) He can do comedy.  And when you're in a movie with Anna Faris, you'd better be able to hold your own.

1) He's done a lot of superhero movies over the last few years ... needs to show his romantic side more.

Chris Pine

(Star Trek, This Means War, People Like Us)

My name?  Christian. Christian Grey.

1) Even thought I did not like the the movie This Means War, the man knows how to make out!

2) He rocked the James T. Kirk role ... and those were some big William Shatner shoes to fill.

3) He looks amazing in a suit ... which even though is not the same as shirtless, still has its own appeal.

1) He's not as classically handsome as Chris Evans ... but I'm okay with that

Nikki's Choice:   Chris Pine

I'm choosing Chris Pine as the winner of this one .. but who would you choose?


  1. Pine!!!! Pine, Pine, Pine. Nikki? I think you should pick Chris Pine. :)

  2. I've only seen them in action roles, but both are capable of comedy in each. I'm thinking Chris2 (squared) works for me.

  3. Chris There-Can-Never-Be-Too-Many-Superhero-Roles Evans for me, please.