Tuesday 25 September 2012

Building a Habit ... The Redux

Hopping back on the bandwagon ... but will
resist asking Amanda Bynes for any
driving tips.
Okay, so about a month ago I said I was building a new habit.  And then managed it for about 7 days and then stopped reporting on it altogether.

What happened?

I could blame it on the new television schedule but since I've got my new, shiny DVR taping all my soon-to-be favourite shows, this would be an all-out lie (side note - have decided Elementary will be my favourite new show - Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes??  Drooling as I type this ...)

The truth?  I stopped spending time on the habit ... and even worse ... started to hide away when I realized I wasn't keeping on track.    If I don't report on my failures then they can't be failures, right???

As someone who's a Project Manager in real life, I can tell you that the absolute worst thing you can do when stuff is falling off the track is stop reporting on it.  Once you stop keeping track of how you're doing, it's very easy to ignore the problem indefinitely.   Even if you have to report fail after fail after fail, it's better than not showing up at all ... and as I've seen on most of my projects, once the failures start adding up it often spurs you into action!

So, I 'm jumping back into it and will vow to report on my progress ... no matter how terrible.  No one said this writing stuff would be easy ....

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