Tuesday 10 July 2012

Blogging with the Rubies

The Rubies!
One of the first things that happened when I became a Golden Heart finalist was that I joined an email loop with all the other finalists.  I thought it would be a kick to get to know a couple of other ladies before the conference, but it really turned into a community, and now I'm anxiously awaiting Anaheim to meet all these wonderful ladies.

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood is a group of GH finalists from 2009, and not only are they a close community as well, but they are serious bloggers and invited each of us to take day on their blog to share our stories.

Today, I'm blogging about the secret society that is being a GH finalist ... I hope you hop over to take a look.


  1. Hi Nikki,
    Your post with the Rubies today was so funny I just had to check out your blog. So glad I did. Mr. Darcy Sans Pants was just what I needed for a Tuesday.

  2. Thanks Terri!! I am also doing other "without pants" stories ... maybe I'll make it a series!!