Friday 15 June 2012

Books I'm Reading: Staying at Daisy's

I've been a big Jill Mansell fan for the last two years or so. Walked into a bookstore without knowing what I wanted and bought "Rumour Has It" on impulse.  Gulped it down in a day ... been a fan ever since.

She writes about women in small town settings and there are usually a couple different love stories in play.  She always makes someone who should be a villain into a real person who you end up liking in the end.  And it's always a fun read.  Always.

Right now I'm reading "Staying at Daisy's" ... it's an older one that I hadn't read before and downloaded it last week since I was going to be on a plane.  Hoped to do some work on that flight, but mostly read the book. :)

I know chick lit is supposed to be dead ... but I'm dragging it around like the corpse on Weekend at Bernie's ... not sure I'll ever give it up!!


  1. I haven't read any Mansell. Must put her on my list because I do miss some of those earlier Chick Lit books, and I love small town community stories. Thanks for the recommendation, Nikki.

  2. Last Week, at the Long Island Romance Writer's Luncheon several editors and agents said they were looking for humorous contemps "like Susan Elizabeth Phillips" While no one said "Chick lit," things are looking up for humorous contemps, I think!

  3. Hope you like it Robena!! And I've heard that too Wendy, so hopefully it comes back, because that's all I know how to write!! :)