Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Changing Habits: Part Two

I've started working out regularly.

In February I decided to try working out every weekday at the gym.  I wasn't always successful, but during the month I only missed four days ... which I happen to think is pretty great, even if it's not perfect.

In March I decided to switch up my routine a bit and do more workouts at home .. but that didn't work out so well.  I had a good first week, and then the next two were more hit and miss, so I decided to go back to my 'every weekday' idea and hit the gym.   I went back yesterday and I have to admit that my body creaked a bit after the two week hiatus, but it felt so good to get that workout in.

Unlike the 'stop drinking' thing, I'm not sure why the gym workout stuff worked so well in February.  Obviously, I know I'm making better choices when I go ... but that wasn't really the driving force for getting me there each day.  I understand that now that I'm over 40 I have to make regular workouts a habit ... but I still don't have my finger on why this worked when other times it hasn't.  I'd still like to figure that out

It appears my husband might be right ... I may not know everything after all ...

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