Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Changing Habits - Part One

This year I'm working on changing my habits ... and so far, I'm killing it.  Of course, we've only completed two months of the new year and the habits I've changed haven't probably looked that big a deal from an outside point of view ... but I'm sensing a momentum shift.  Truly.

The first habit I changed was drinking less.  I like red wine.  A lot.  And over the last 3-4 years it's become a serious habit and it's been extremely tough for me to break it.  I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say the word "alcoholic", but when you can't keep a promise to stop drinking .. and that happens over and over again ... you start to wonder.  Can I quit this?

Okay, that definitely makes me sound like an alcoholic.

In January I decided "no more wine on weeknights".  I have promised this to myself a million times and never followed through ... but this time I actually kept the promise.

How?   I think there were two key things I did right this time ....

1) I started thinking about how much better I'd feel if I didn't have that glass or two of wine.  I wasn't waking up painfully hungover ... but even one glass of wine the night before can make me feel tired the next day.  I'd hit the snooze button more often on those days.  I'd have less energy.  It just seemed to slow me down in the mornings.  So I started to remind myself how great I'd feel if I didn't have the wine.

2) I developed a bedtime routine.  I started going to bed earlier, and I started putting together a routine for each night so that it didn't have wine attached to it, like my previous nightly routine.  This meant getting to bed at a good time and waking up energized in the morning.

It's only been a few months, but so far I've only had one slip ... and more importantly, it doesn't even become a thought for me anymore on weeknights.   I've been so happy with it, I'm starting to give up wine on Saturday nights too so that I can get up earlier on Sundays and get more done.

Momentum officially shifted.

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